Sunday, October 28, 2007

Registry and Tuxedos

Tuxedos are hard! I was hoping this would be the easy part. We went to 3 places and found nothing that made him happy. What we found were some things that were close or two different ones that we would have liked to "mix and match". I guess we'll be back into the tuxedo hunt next weekend. I only know of a few places that rent tuxes around here and we've already hit them. I guess it's time to google other places around town. Once we find what we're looking for, I'll put up links so everyone can see.

We also finished our registry today. We've only registered at one place because we just don't need a lot of things. We've lived together for 6 years and have acquired most everything we need. We were able to find a few things that we would like to have, want to replace or need. We considered registering for things that we thought would be nice to have if we "did this or that" but, afer thinking about it, we'd never use any of those things. They would just take up space and get in our way.

We considered registering at Home Depot but, at this point in time, we don't have a real need for anything there. If we had a house we would have started there first. At this point in time though, who knows where we'll end up or how long it will take us both to find stable jobs. Me especially. We're looking into other places to register but, haven't thought of anything yet. Any suggestions?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Rings and Flowers

Today was rings and flowers day. After looking around for several months, we finally found wedding rings that we thought we would like “forever”. We felt like we had been through every jewelry store in town and couldn’t find anything we liked. Suddenly there they were, waving at us, in Sam’s Club. Fine. I don’t care where they come from as long as we have something by April 19th.



We didn't only buy our wedding rings today. We also picked out flowers. This was much simpler than I had envisioned. I don’t know exactly what I was expecting. I just didn’t think it would go this smoothly or quickly, although I’m glad it did. Here’s what we quickly decided:

•The men will have white rose boutonni√®res.
•The Mothers will have white spray rose corsages with a touch of blue/purple flowers
•The Bridesmaids will have cream flowers with sporadic blue/purple flowers
•I will have the exact opposite, blue/purple flowers with sporadic cream flowers.

I didn’t get all picky about what specific flowers I wanted in the arrangements,only that the colors are vibrant. I’m not looking for pastels, I’m wanting something bold. I felt comfortable with the florist and her work. It was very obvious that she has a better eye with this type of thing than I do. Plus, she knows what will be in season at the time which will help us keep the cost down, thankfully.

I did suggest something like a simple tied wildflower-look. I don’t think I like the perfectly structured bouquets. I like the “just ran out into a field and picked a bunch of flowers” look. I also think this will fit well with the outdoor setting. I also suggested something not too heavy and the bridesmaids have something just a bit smaller than mine.

These are a few of ideas that I brought with me to give the florist an idea of what I was looking for in the way of color schemes. Bridesmaid #1 and #2 would be a combo of blue and purple.

Color scheme for the Bridemaids #1

Color scheme for the Bridemaids #2

Color scheme for mine

Matt's parents came with us today and, as usual, there was quite a bit of giggling and fun. We had a yummy lunch at Outback Steak House that did nothing for the diet but, made my taste buds extremely happy. Tomorrow it looks like our plans are to finish registering for gifts, drop my wedding ring off to be sized and start the hunt for Tuxedos. Oh! and talk about what we’re going to do for the rehearsal dinner. Any suggestions?

I’m still determined to be done with this by the New Year. Who thinks I can do it?