Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Yes Please

I'll take one of these:

Yes. I know its just a giant iPhone minus the phone.
No. I don't neeeeeeed it. I want it. I really really want it.
Why? Because it's an Apple product and I heart Apple and all things Apple. Obviously, my husband has turned me into a believer.
Besides, its all shiny, pretty and new. It makes Matt and I giggle.
So who loves us enough to buy 2 for us? Anyone? (We've discussed sharing and neither of us feel that is an option if we want to remain married.)
We'll be waiting at the door. Feel free to drop it off any time.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

I Love the Weekends

Five days of the week, I'm up and out of the house before Matt and Stella wake. I kiss Matt on the forehead and sneak into Stella's room before I leave to look at that little sleeping angelic face. I always want to hug and kiss on her, but I resist so I don't wake her. I miss her instantly when I walk out the front door.

We like to sleep in on the weekends, however Stella likes to start her day around 7 am. She usually wakes up happy, chatting away and we let her do so until she gets upset. I then happily scoop her out of her crib and scurry back to our room to lay her on her pillow between Matt and I.

We lay there and talk to her. We tell her how much we love her, how cute she is, smile and giggle with her. It's our time to laze around in bed and snuggle on our baby before we start the errands and chores that come with the weekend. It's just 2 mornings out of the 7 that I get to see that beautiful face wake up and smile at me. It's what I want to see those other 5 mornings.

AAahhhhhh, I love the weekends.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Engineer Speak

An overpressure event resulting in down time for decontamination and discarding or destruction of hazardous materials.

also known as

A diaper blowout resulting in the need for a bath and trashing of clothing.

The top sentence could be applied in its entirety to many tasks I deal with at work.

Yeh, it was that bad. Matt emailed me a picture of her outfit and I'm really glad she saved that for her Daddy. I'll spare you the visual and instead leave you with this cuteness.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A Star is Born!

3-month-old Stella likes to sing along with me to our favorite song, "Dream a Little Dream of Me".

I love my precious petunia. :)