Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Stella's Room

When we realized we were pregnant, we knew immediately which room was going to be for the baby. I also immediately knew that I didn't want a true baby nursery, I didn't want to spend a ton of money (college is expensive, you know) and I definitely didn't want a boy/girl only room. I wanted a kids room that is easy/cheap to change when she starts getting mouthy about what she does or doesn't want.

SO! This is what we did:

==Neutral creamy paint that was used in the majority of the house

==Grandma L bought the crib which converts to a toddler bed, day bed then a full size bed

==The dresser came from Target for a $100

==Grandma P made the quilt hanging above the crib (her masterpiece, the woman has mad skills)

==Lamp came from Ikea (LOVE IKEA)

==A friends Mom made the quilt above the dresser

==The toy chest was mine as a child

==The puppy picture was a cross-stitch made by us

==Everything else was laying around the house

==The kitties on the wall were stencils we found at a craft store and for minimal money/effort, we gave the room a touch of girlness

Friday, July 24, 2009

Crying Uncle

Remember the post where I said "I never know what part of my body is going to ache"? Now remember the post where I mentioned my flat feet?

Yeh - I know what part of me is going to ache consistently now. Maybe ache is not the correct word - extreme pain may be a better description. I've had a toothache that didn't hurt as bad as my feet hurt at the end of the day.

I've been hell-bent during this pregnancy to remain as active as I physically can. I think it is very important to my health - physical, mental and emotional. This is especially true at work. I don't like to be stuck at my desk. (Borrrrr-ing) I don't like to feel like I can't do my job, or that anyone needs to pick up tasks that I can't or haven't done. Sure, there are co-workers that can easily step in and help but we all have very full plates and do our best to just keep up. I don't wish to lay any extra work on anyone until I absolutely have to. I prefer to be "business as usual" for as long as I possibly can.

The past few weeks at work have been brutal. This past week in particular. Its been non-stop which I would normally welcome as it makes for a quick work week however this past week felt a lot like forever. I typically work 10-12 hour days of which usually half of 2 or 3 days are spent on my feet. Except this past week where I can say most of every day has found me standing or running from one spot to the next.

Friday was the worst! By the time I made it back to my desk to tidy up, shoot off a few emails and make a few phone calls, I knew my feet were going to be a problem. The thought of walking from my desk to my car made me want to cry. Along with the horrible foot pain, my feet and hands are beginning to swell, my breathing is becoming more difficult and the constant headaches are back - new and improved. (I now feel like the right side of my head is on fire - BONUS!) I know now that it will not be long before I have to slow down.

Will it be this week? Probably not. I will just continue to whine to my cube-mate (poor guy, he has to deal with me everyday. He may be a Saint. Thanks and sorry Ben) Based on the pages and calls I've recieved this weekend, I've got another rough week ahead of me. I actually look forward to it - oddly. I like the pressure, it's a strange drug for me, but its coming. Sooner or later, I will be crying uncle.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weekend Work

Our weekend was dictated by house work.

I know I've said this before but we are very, very slowy nearing the end of work that was on our list of things to do when we bought this place in January. I'm pleased with it and proud of our work. It's turning into a cozy first home and we've learned a lot about home repair, upkeep and what we can and can't do. Thank you internet for being the great keeper of all things DIY.

This weekend the deck was our chosen victim. The deck was in desperate need of attention. If nothing else, it needed a good scrub and protectant seal. We decided to go the extra step and give it some color too. Matt pressure washed it earlier in the week so that we could stain it this weekend. It was a long day but we are so pleased with the results. See for yourself.

Yes, this deck had been cleaned and was looking gooooood. Can you imagine what it look liked before? You can see the very beginning of the staining.

It was a long hard weekend and we were wiped out. Now we have to give it a really good seal. One more weekend of deck work then on to the shutters. Who feels like painting the shutters?


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Headlines That Make You Go "Huh?!


Yup. Apparently this is breaking news.
I kid you not, people. Go check it out yourselves.


I have ALL sorts of things to say about this.
1. Really? This is CNN news worthy?
2. Wait - this is just plain old news worthy?
3. Who did this reporter anger enough to get this story?
4. Did the reporter just say "switched sides"?
5. Penguin stalking?
6. How do we know they are/were gay? Maybe they were just good friends/room mates until a "lady penguin" became available? (and Pepper lost the coin toss)
7. You've got to feel sorry for Pepper
8. Finally and sadly, you just know some ignorant jerk is going to point to this story and say to their child, "See, if a penguin can change his mind and go straight, you can too. This proves that this is a lifestyle choice." or something equally devastating to a young person struggling to be who they are with parents/family/friends that are unaccepting.

Feel free to share your thoughts on this story.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

On Class

No, don't be silly. I'm not trying to be classy or more refined, I gave up on that years ago.

What I'm talking about are those classes you are offered in your third trimester by the hospital. Like childbirth, baby care and breastfeeding classes. I realize we're all going to have different experiences and needs as well as "educational levels" - if there is such a thing - when it comes to baby stuff but what were your experiences with them? Are they worth the money and time?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Thoughts On Pregnancy, 3

Its weird to see the inside of my own belly button
I didn't know my belly button could do that
She thinks its fun to kick the belly button
The belly button is not an escape hatch, I promise
Bending over is hard, it cramps her space
Eating also cramps her space - mine too
I'm pretty sure I'm giving birth to Stewie
She's taken to 'running' in circles in there (I think she has her own track)
Being tickled from the inside is weird
Pregnancy weight is really bad for someone with flat feet
The sweetest thing I've ever seen is Matt laying his head on my belly, talking and humming to her, telling her he loves her and kissing her.

The funniest thing ever is after all that affection, she kicks him in the head.
(Heh - she is totally my daughter and we are in SO much trouble.)

BEHOLD - the 28 week belly picture! **

** Ok, so I'm not all dolled up for this photo op. Give me a break people, I just entered my third trimester, its the weekend and I'm in my comfy clothes. What do you expect?

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

One Reason My Husband Needs Me

His inability to open and peel a banana without breaking it in half.**
I don't know how he does it, but it throws us into a fit of giggles every time.

You should witness his inability to use a pair of scissors which he says are purely the fault of the scissors in this house only.

**If you try to do this by purpose, its difficult to do so cleanly.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Oh Say Can You See

Matt and I have planned a weekend away this weekend. It's not very far away, but its a chance to detach from the house, the cats, work and responsibilities for a couple of days and enjoy each others' company without feeling guilty for not working on the house and before Stella makes her arrival.

Where are we going you ask? Washington DC.

Don't we live just outside of DC? Why yes, yes we do.

Um? Yes, I know - but we never go to DC. We always talk about it but never do.

This year, after hearing so much about the awesome fireworks show, I decided (completely spontaneously last weekend***) that we were going to get a hotel room in downtown DC for Friday & Saturday nights and enjoy ourselves. We're not making any plans, schedules or reservations. Our only goal is to watch fireworks, enjoy ourselves and relax with each other. However, if you have any suggestions of things we should see or restaurants we just have to try, please feel free to let us know about it.

I'm ready for the weekend. Now if only I could have a beer. Or three.

***My Mom works for Marriott and I get family discounts. When I made the call, I thought for sure they would be completely booked and my spontaneous plans would be dashed. I was pleasantly surprised.