Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fan I Am Not

It's no secret that my husband is a reality TV show addict, much to my dismay. I myself, am not a fan.

So here we are on a Tuesday night and I am being tortured with this rubbish.

To make it worse, I have to listen to this dweeb give his opinion of who has or does not have talent.

Again, I am not a fan.
He annoys the bah-jeeeesus out of me, to say the very least.

During tonights episode, Matt suddenly proclaimed, "They suck! My only regret is that I can not be there to 'boo' them in person!"

Really? That's it? I regret that this is on our TV and my husband is enjoying it.

Vent over. Thanks for listening...HUFF!

Now someone please come to my rescue...pleeeease...

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Does this story make anyone else cringe?


The thought of having 7 newborns makes me nauseous. SEVEN?????!!!!!
That's counting with TWO hands, people.
Matt and I have been talking about starting a family soon.**
I can't imagine what we would think or do if faced with having a large number of newborns.
What are your thoughts?

**This one statement just made both of our Mothers unnaturally happy.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Summertime and Winter Clothes

I've just recently realized that summertime doesn't mean much to me anymore.
  1. I'm not in school anymore so having 3 months of freedom is just a vague memory from the past.
  2. I don't have children so I don't have to worry about keeping them occupied for 3 months.
  3. I still have to go to work everyday.

Summer here in Virginia is very different. Back home, it's very humid and muggy. I hear people complain about the humidity here and I just laugh. You guys don't KNOW humid. If it does happen to get overly humid here - it only lasts 1-2 days. It's all humid, all the time back home. This is actually a nice change from what I'm used to - but I don't want to get used to it. If I get used to it, I won't enjoy it as much as I do right now. It will also be hard to go back home.

Winter only lasted a few weeks (if that) in Florida so summer was all the time for me. Now that I'm in Virginia, I'm starting to think differently. Summer is beginning to mean something to me now. I still won't have 3 months of freedom, I still have to get up for work everyday and I haven't magically and spontaneously had any children but winter is coming. WINTER IS COMING! Yes, I know it's a bit early to worry about winter, but I don't like the cold.

If you've been reading regularly, you know I "landed" here in mid-March and it was COLD. I don't care what anyone else says. I was frozen and I wanted nothing more than to go home. I was very grateful when it started warming up - in June. Now I'm looking forward and realizing that the cold will come back - and before I know it, I will be freezing again. And cranky. (Hey, don't laugh! It's August and I have to turn the heat on in the car in the morning on my way in to work, and I think the evenings are getting a bit chilly. If you don't believe me, go ask my husband!) Not to mention, we don't have any warm weather clothing, we have NO idea how to drive in snow and I'm scared out of my mind to face ice. ICE?!?!?!

With all that being vented about, we went shopping today for some warm weather clothing, both online and at a local store. I think we made out pretty well. We spent $500 and I think we both got everything we will need - water repellant coats, jackets, sweaters, sweatshirts, gloves, warm socks, long underwear, and winter boots. I'm thinking we made out pretty cheap - considering my husband is very tall and finding him clothing that fits him is difficult and expensive.

So hey! Winter! - BRING IT ON!
I'll be the one in the corner whimpering.

PS. Matt is sitting here looking for places to go snow-tubing. I'm scared. He's excited. This is going to be an interesting winter.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Insider Information

The week before last, my supervisor invited Matt and I out for happy hour at a local restaurant with a few of our team-mates. (keep in mind that I am the only woman on this team) During this evening, as I was engrossed in other conversation, I heard an awful lot of laughing coming from Matt and the other men.

Later that evening, Matt informed me that my co-workers were telling him to hold off getting a job for as long as possible. Apparently there is a bet going as to how long Matt can hold out.

What these men don't realize is that I'm completely and totally ok if Matt wants to stay home. I'm not pushing him to get a job. I like coming home to a clean house, laundry done and dinner cooking. Seriously! What woman would not like that? Obviously, a second income would help in many aspects of our lives, but I really like having a house husband. This is kind of cool.

So I won't tell them, every time they ask me if Matt has found a job yet, that I am completely supportive of whatever decision he makes. Especially dinner.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Brief Visit


I know what some of you are thinking. I know that some of you don't have the relationship that I have with my husband's parents. I admit, I am very fortunate. I love my in-laws. They are fantastic, wonderful, supportive people and I'm happy they visited.

And no, I'm not buttering them up to ask for anything. I just really like them that much.
The funny thing is, they were only here a few hours. They are on their way to Russia for a few weeks and happened to have a 7 hour lay-over at the airport. Since we are so close, we picked them up and were able to show them our apartment, around town, the local battlefield park and have a yummy lunch before taking them back to the airport.

It was good to see them. Although after they left, I began to feel isolated and far from home. I know as Matt and I settle, make friends and plant roots, we will begin to think of this as home too. I'm still having a difficult time adjusting though.
Speaking of missing home - Matt and I finally were able to get library cards here now that we've got our drivers licenses. We were both pretty excited as we both like to read, the library is within walking distance from our apartment and it looks all new and pretty.
Alas, it sucks. Seriously.

It is all of those things I've mentioned but finding any book thats on my "TO READ" list is a whole lot of wishful thinking. We are missing our old little local library in Florida that always had what we were looking for. This one - not so much. If they do have it, they only have 1 or 2 copies that gets transferred from library to library and have a waiting list a mile long. We are very disappointed. Oh well, we will have to make do - I'm sure theres a book swap store around here somewhere, and I'll be raiding Sarah's books too.
(Oh Sarah, FYI, I stole Fight Club. K?)

Speaking of books. We wandered into a big chain bookstore today and it dawned on me...books have gotten expensive! I've bought plenty of books at a chain before - these prices are not new to me. I just very suddenly recalled books being so much cheaper. Didn't little ol' paperbacks use to cost $5 or something? Huh?
Hmph. Stoooopid library.