Thursday, February 28, 2008

I'm Leaving on a Jet Plane

Ok, maybe not. I'm driving. I will be leaving the 14th of March for Virginia. I officially start my new job on the 17th. I had originally planned to stay at least another week, but it just wasn't going to work with their orientation schedule. So, off I go. I will be leaving before Matt gets back from his Vegas Bachelor party so he will not be driving up with me and I will not get a chance to say good-bye. I plan on stopping in S.C. to stay overnight before venturing on as I've never driven this distance by myself and don't want to try it all at once the first time. I've bought a portable GPS, which I should be getting tomorrow, for the drive up and to help me learn the area.

I'm just a wee-bit frazzled. I have tons to do. Cleaning out closets and dressers, packing clothes that I will be taking with me and making sure I have what I need for the weather and the job. Not to mention cleaning out things we don't need any longer or packing the things that can be packed now (books & cds, etc). I still have some wedding stuff to do - really, it's just making sure that some things are solidly in place. Although, I still haven't heard from the caterer (after several calls) or the DJ - HUFF! Oh! And we have to get our marriage license before I leave (forgetting that would baaaaaaaaaaad). Whatever else pops up, Matt is perfectly capable of handling and I trust him.

Also, and most importantly, I must go to Publix before I leave and buy at least 6 gallons of their "Diet Sweet Tea." I am addicted to the stuff (not to mention the store) and I am sure I will not survive without it. I will go into a favorite grocery store withdrawl just like Sarah did, I'm sure. I will also need employ someone to occassionally buy me a stash of Publix tea and send it up to me (I will pay, of course). Any takers?

I don't know where I'll be staying yet. Either at Sarah's house or the Corporate Housing. I think the first month will be in the housing they offered me and then I will move into Sarah's for 2-3 months until we find a house and Matt moves up with the Critter Crew. Right now, Matt will probably be coming up sometime in July. It will be a lonely few months without him, but this is what we must do to get where we need to be. I'm glad I have friends already up there though, it makes moving without him easier.

Well, off to work I go...

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Dancing In the Streets

Monday morning I was up bright and early talking to myself in my hotel room as I was getting ready for my job interview.

--Yes, talking to myself. You know that practicing we all do in front of the mirror before a speech or presentation or interview - and don't tell me you don't do it. I won't believe you. Anyway... --

I realized in the middle of all this dressing and talking that I hadn't gotten nervous yet. Not one ounce of the jitters. Nothing. I thought ,"Uh-oh. Where did I put the jitters? Did I even remember to pack them? Great! Now, I'm going to have a nervous fit in the middle of this interview and just die."

Well, I'm happy to say the interview went fine. I would daresay great even. I didn't die, there were no last minute jitters or sweating or nausea. I just went in there and talked to a lot of people. I got there at 9:30am and I didn't leave until 2:30pm. I spoke with 6 people and felt pretty good about it all. The recruiter was the first and last person I spoke with and he informed me at the end that he could extend a preliminary offer to me as everybody's interview notes were in my favor. WOOT!

At that, it was time for me to go and after the hand-shaking and thank you formalities, I made my way to the car. Do you want to know what happened next? I got in the car and DIED! Apparently, the jitters had just woken up, hungover and angry, and hit me hard for about 2 minutes. I'm pleased they waited until after the interview but I could have done without them altogether.

That evening, I found my way to Sarah's house for a few hours where she proved to be the greatest friend ever and had a cold beer waiting for me. And that, my internet friends, is why Sarah and I have been friends for so darn long. We know when the other just needs a beer. Oh, and good chinese take-out. (Thanks Sarah!)

The next day proved to be taxing to say the least. I finally made it home after 3 hours of flight delays, 1 missed connection flight and 1 last-minute-run-to-the-gate flight rescheduling. Matt's parents picked me up at the airport and I could not have been happier to see two people. I was even surprised to see that, somehow, my luggage acutally made it home with me as well. I thought for sure it was still in Charlotte or DC.

The call came about 5:00 yesterday evening from the recruiter. I have an official offer on the table which includes a pretty good salary, great bonus, relocation package and benefits. I accepted the offer as Matt and I had already discussed this possibility. Though we are still ironing out the details, we will be moving to Northern Virginia in the very near future.

I'm nervous and excited and a little sad and excited and nervous some more. The funny thing is, I don't think it's really hit me yet.

As a side note, call this Karma or Providence or just dumb luck, but Matt was told yesterday afternoon that his job would not be re-contracting and his last day will be June 30th. Someone or something had this all planned out. This is our sign that it is time to move on up and out.

Saturday, February 23, 2008


Yesterday, Matt and I were talking about his last business trip to Utah. He told me he had one night that he woke up drenched in a cold sweat like he had broken a fever. I asked him if he had menopause.

His response?

"Nope, women-opause."

What do you say to that?

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Let Us Pray...

I'm flying to northern Virginia this Sunday for a job interview in Manassas. Let's all say a small prayer, to whatever deity makes you giggle, that things go well. As much "fun" as it's been being unemployed, I am very much looking forward to getting back to work. I'm bored. Especially since the wedding planning is pretty much done.

While I'm there, I hope to visit with Sarah for a few hours. She's going to think I'm stalking her if I keep showing up on her doorstep like this. Matt and I visited in January and if I get this job, we will only live approximately 30 minutes from her.

I swear I am not stalking her. Well, not too much. The possibilitiy of us moving to northern Virginia just 2 years after she did, is just a coincidence. I promise.

Anyway. I fly back home on Tuesday and will hopefully have a feeling of how the interview went. Ideally, I will have a new job to look forward to. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Wedding Tid-bits #2

My Mom and Dad visited last night for dinner with Matt's parents. It is so hard to get them out since they have such conflicting work schedules, but we found a day that worked for everyone after much planning.We had a fantastic time, lots of laughing and story telling and the food was wonderful and so not on the diet!

My Mom also brought my dress so we could do another fitting.
And Wow! my diet is working! We fit the top 2 weeks ago and she's already having to take it in almost 2 inches. Can I tell you how excited I am! Seriously, much dancing around was happening after she told me that!

WOOT! Go me! Go me!

As for the dress itself, I can't tell you much about it since this is 'my big secret', but I can tell you that it is outstanding. (I'll give you the story of the dress after the wedding, I promise). All she has left is to finish decorating the top with beading and such and put in the zipper. I will then take everything to the cleaners for a final clean and get it back in time to do one last fitting a couple weeks before the wedding. Thankfully, my mom has made the dress so that final adjustments should be fairly quick and simple.

Have I told you how much it rocks to have such a talented Mom? No? Well, consider yourself told. It so rocks!

As for other wedding stuff, we are for the most part, done planning this gathering. The music, decor, flowers have all been decided upon. The invitations are all out (well, almost all) and the responses are slowly coming back. The Mother's have their outfits. The ushers, Fathers and groomsmen have all been fitted for their tuxes and the bridesmaids have their dresses. My appointments for hair and make-up are all in place and well, I'm feeling pretty relaxed. Other than a few minor things such as a second not-yet-scheduled meeting with the caterer for a final tasting and a final meeting with the DJ - we're done.

Finally, for your viewing pleasure, a few pictures of me working on my veil during my last visit to my parents. My oldest nephew, Michael, was trying to help - actually, he was trying to get me to stop 'playing with my toys' so I could play 'transformers' with him.

Monday, February 11, 2008

Pre-Wedding Funnies #3

Matt and I have been focusing on music for the wedding ceremony and reception this past weekend. Playing on his computer, Matt played a song I liked and I asked what it was called. Matt said to me:

"Air on the G string (J.S. Bach) opposed to Fire on a thong."

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Wedding Tid-bits

I hab a code. (translation: I have a cold)
For the second time in a month.
I gave it to Matt last week, but he didn't want it and gave it back.
*Snort, sniff, sneeze, snort*
Anyhoo, on with the wedding stuff.

We have finally finished the registries (I think). We are registered at Bed, Bath and Beyond as well as Walmart. You can also find links in the left hand side bar under "Wedding Links". There isn't a whole heck of a lot that we need. We've been co-habitating for so long, we've acquired most everything, but we did find a few things we would like to have or needs replacing.

This past Tuesday, Matt and I met with the caterer for our first tasting. And Oh! was it some yummy stuff. We've already picked 1 entree and 1 vegetable we want. Matt wants to schedule another tasting to try a few more things and then we'll make a final decision. (I just think he wants another free dinner and I don't blame him! That stuff was gooooooooooooooood!)

My Mom is furiously working on my dress which is coming right along. So far, my vision is coming together nicely. This past weekend, we spent several hours in a fabric store. At one point, my Dad called and we had this conversation:

Dad: Where are you?
Me: At the fabric store with Mom.
Dad: Are you having fun?
Me: As much fun as one can have in a fabric store.
Dad: Yeh, but this is Disneyland for your Mother. You know that, right?

Yes, I do know that. She's been waiting all her life for this. Sewing is her "thing". Her way of calming down, relaxing, and having fun
. She's extremely good at it (although we can't seem to convince her of it). So far, things are looking FANTASTIC!

I daresay we are almost done planning this shin-dig. Sure, we still have some lose ends to tie up, but the bulk of this wedding is planned. It's just the little stuff we're working on now. It's almost over, right? RIGHT?!?!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Instant Message Conversation of the Day

Me: Want to see if your parents want to meet us at Sweet Tomatoes for dinner tonight? I don't feel like cooking.

Matt: On the phone with Mom now, 6:30pm is good for them.

Me: Cool.

Matt: We gotta hurry back from dinner..... I got some Dinosaur killin' to do!!!

Me: ...(perplexed silence)...

(Apparently, a new Xbox 360 game came in the mail today. I hope.)