Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Contractual Obligations

Dear Bugs of Virginia,

Apparently, you are not aware that there was deal made between myself and your bug-friends in Florida. The deal was this: stay out of my house and I will NOT mess with you in your "house" - in other words, stay out of my house and live. I was assuming that this deal was nationwide.

My bad.

I am now offering you the same deal - no strings, no hidden obligations, no surprises. Just stay out. Simply put, if you refuse to abide by this contract, you will die.

So, assuming that you were unaware of this deal - I have spared your little friend a horrible death by way of cat(s) and released him to his natural environment. Please do not let this happen again. Next time, I will NOT be so kind.
P.S. Do you always send the biggest bug you can find to welcome a new resident? I mean really...

Monday, September 22, 2008

House Shopping Drama

Ok, so remember the last post where I told you we found a place that we were considering making an offer on? Yeh, well we did. No. We didn't get it. Someone beat us to it. Huff.

So back to searching we went. We looked through 5 or 6 places last week and found one we liked. Not as much as the last one but it was good...except for the PINK carpet. Yup. Pink. On all 3 floors. For those of you who don't know me - I have a great dislike for that color. I think its just plain ugly.

Anyway! The price was right and carpet can be replaced, right? So we submitted an offer today. Want to know what we found out? According to the listing agent, the bank wants everyone to know that in the 5 days this property has been on the market they have recieved 8 offers. So we need to get our best offers in by Wednesday at 10am. Hmph...sounds like a tactic to start a bidding war to me. I'm not playing this game. If its meant to work out, it will. Plus, this property needs other upgrades to make it acceptable and I don't see that its worth raising our offer any higher. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, but if it doesn't work out, we'll just keep looking.

I'll keep you updated.
Stupid house shopping....

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hungover House Shopping

Yep. It was exactly what the title says it was.

Note to Self and a warning to all my internet friends:
Do not drink waaaaaaaay too much the night before you have to get up early to start house shopping. It's a very stupid -STUUUUUUPID - thing to do.

Oh Sweet Jeeebus. Sweet sweet jeeebus. Yesterday was NOT a fun day.
See, Matt and I went to a local establishment the night before with some of my co-workers to watch the USF v Kansas football game (We won. Go BULLS!) and because of this, we did not enjoy the house shopping experience as much as I thought we would. I just wanted to lay in my bed, in my comfy clothes with a cold towel on my forehead, my eyes closed and my mind blank. Matt just wanted to be in his recliner sipping a huge glass of cold water in a very air conditioned apartment. Alas, we could not. We had made arrangements for the explorations into a future home. So there we were - all red eyed and snarly tailed - taking notes, asking questions and snapping pictures. By the time we were done, Matt had begun to bounce back. Me? Not so much. Although somehow, I managed to hold it together the entire time, (pure force of will my friends, pure.force.of.will!) and completely fell apart when we got home.

We managed to make it through all 10 properties and actually found a few prospects. There is one location that we liked best and considering making an offer on. It needs flooring (right now a good steam clean will work for our needs), painting and a good scrub, but I can see us happy there for several years. I'll keep you posted on how things go. Wish us luck.

Oh! and if I ever get all tanked up the night before house shopping again - I hope one of you will come slap some sense into me and remind me that I am old enough to know better because apparently, I forget.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Long Lost

I see its been a day or few since I've been here.
I apologize.
I have neglected you so.

Apparently losing track of time is what happens when you work long hours, have sore feet and heavy eyes.

Nothing new has really happened so you haven't missed much.
Or maybe lots has happened and I missed it. Huh.

Anyway, we start entering houses, taking pictures and making notes this weekend. I'm excited and too tired to decide if I'm nervous or not. Either way, I am sure I will have all sorts of things to say about it. I promise, we'll get together next week and discuss our findings - or lack there of.

Right now, I hear my bed calling.
Speaking of heavy eyes...................

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend in Pictures

Farmers Market

Where I filled up my new bag (all the way from Russia) with fresh yummy fruits and veggies.

House Hunting:
Where we actually found something we love... lets all cross our fingers that this works in our favor!
Out for exercise with:

Wisked off to a cabin in West Virginia where

we enjoyed lunch at this park
we wandered through a quiant town that apparently has a problem with alcoholic beverages, with an emphasis on BEER (I take offense...)I sat around my very first camp fire**and made my very first S'mores
with some very cool people
and dog...
**It's comforting to know that misquitoes in WV love me just as much as the ones in Florida.

Slept late then went to this park

where I went hiking for the first time
Where I learned that these are not hiking shoes because I did this** while climbing down here

but I saw this

and this fine specimen too

**and other various bruises and scratches