Monday, May 26, 2008

A Much Needed Update

No, we haven't abandoned you.
We're still around, just incredibly busy.

We are working on our next update on the Honeymoon (and possibly final update) which we hope to have up sometime this week.

I am back in Virginia. In fact, I came back 2 days after we got back from Europe and went back to work the day after that. Nothing like hectic. The worst part - Matt came home with some type of stomach virus from Venice (loads of fun on a 16 hour flight) and the day I left for Virginia, guess who had a fever and one heck of a stomach ache. Yep. Me. (Thanks Honey.)
That turned hectic into just plain miserable. In fact, Matt (still not feeling well) had to pack me for my flight back. I just laid in bed and pointed at the laundry he had just done. By the time I landed here, I had no clue what was in the suitcases. I apparently had some sense about me and pointed to most of the right stuff. Thankfully, it never turned into anything ugly, I just had a stomach ache and felt weak for a week. Could have been worse.

As for work, they haven't wasted any time throwing me into the fire. Which, really, is the only real way to get up to speed, if you ask me. I have lots going on and am a bit frustrated with being the new girl - just because I don't know all the processes, procedures and people yet. I'll get there. Thankfully, they know I'm new at this and expect me to have lots of questions and maybe fall a little. I'm looking at this as one fantastic challenge and a good chance to become a valuable team member. So, go ahead guys, throw it at me! BRING IT!

It's Memorial Day weekend and Matt has come up to visit me (YAH!). Sarah's in-laws gave us 4 "fancy" tickets to the Washington Nationals game today and offered to babysit their twins. The 4 of us had a really good time. We had fantastic seats and the tickets even included $35 worth of food/beer and a waiter in our seating area - so we didn't have to get off our lazy duffs to get beer. Woot! Now, I'm not a huge baseball fan but, who am I to turn down a day out with good friends. I can even say I enjoyed the game. I'm glad Matt came up, I've missed him. It's really weird living in two states as a married couple. I can't wait until we finally get settled here.

Besides the next and last honeymoon installation, my posting may be slowed a bit. Not only is work and looking for housing for us keeping me busy, but my laptop died. (moment of silence please) It was a good laptop, and well loved. That poor piece of equipment was dragged around college, work, home, traveling...everywhere. It took a beating and never gave me an ounce of trouble in the four years I had it. I guess it was time. I'm going to look into fixing it, for a short term solution. Buying a new one just isn't in the budget right now and I don't NEED it. I will just miss it terribly.

Oh, and to add a touch of drama to this whole seemingly perfect wedding/honeymoon saga. I got my new Social Security card the other day. Actually, I got two. One in my current name, one in my married name. HUH? NOW I don't know who I am. Sigh. I knew that visit to the SS office went way too smooth. Looks like I'm going to be on the phone tomorrow. Lets all hope they don't make me come back in - that place was not pleasant.

Stay tuned. Matt should be putting up Part 3 of the Honeymoon this week. Enjoy!

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