Sunday, February 28, 2010

Extra Love

My Mother is an artist. She makes beautiful things. By things, I mean quilts, baby stuff, my wedding dress. In fact, she can make anything she wants and I frequently ask her to make things for Stella so that I don't have to buy it. Crib sheets, receiving blankets, sleep sacks - it doesn't matter, she can make it. She's literally saved us hundreds of dollars. Maybe even a thousand or two.

When Stella was born, my Mom showed up with a car full of boxes of things she made for Stella. One of these things was a youngster size quilt. Stella loves it. She loves the colors in it and often stares at it hanging on the back of my chair. I've told Stella that anything from any Grandma comes with extra love; so Grandma's quilts will always keep her warm and make her feel better by wrapping her with love.

Right now, my girl is cutting her first tooth and has a runny nose that is upsetting her tummy. She's just uncomfortable. Nothing Matt and I have tried has helped her settle into sleep. We've rocked and sang; walked and talked. I finally brought her back downstairs, wrapped her in Grandma's quilt, rocked her and sang a song about how teething sucks. Apparently, Grandma's quilt was exactly what she needed because she finally drifted off to sleep in my arms and is now snoozing away in her crib.

(These pictures are from a particularly chilly day last month however they show a very similar scene - cranky baby, nap needed, Grandma's quilt was the only thing that did the trick).

Thanks Mom. You're the best.

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